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Simplify complex file migration to SharePoint

What we offer

Replace scripting and manual work with Migration Automation. It does what you would otherwise need to script. The result is a fundamental change in the way you approach and execute migration, data integration and document replication.

The unique Migration Automation allows you to build optimized migration flows using pre-programed steps.

Run the flow, and follow progress in real-time, using the built-in tracking system or your own PowerBI reporting solution.

  • Designed to address present Document Management System migration challenges where the content must be restructured.

  • Works with Microsoft365, SharePoint on-premises and FileShare.

  • Extract and manage document metadata and flow-control-data from SQLServer, ODBC, SharePoint, CSV, Excel, XML, JSON.


Migration Flow

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Microsoft 365


Legacy DMS

Decrease costs

Abandon outdated internal systems, substantial hardware and maintenance of these.

Gain remote access

Share information and collaborate seamlessly in a global environment.

Adapt to changes

Whether external as the pandemic, or internal as a growth strategy - firms need to have a platform that is able to accommodate.

Time & resources

Effective migration is achievable in-house. However, due to this process requiring qualified technical human resources and vast investments in terms of capital and time - it is often not a viable solution.

Alternate structures

Modern DMS solutions have different structures and workings models, all of which prohibits standard solutions e.g. "Lift & Shift".

Technical barriers

Documents need to be migrated to countless newly provisioned sites. Moreover, the linked metadata (in various formats) need to be transformed into Sharepoint data types e.g. managed metadata and content-type.

Main benefits of the Digital Workplace
Main challenges to get there
Why use our solution?

In order to obtain assurance.

Migrations are risky – they involve countless documents, incalculable resources and individual requirements. So, while this is achievable in-house using qualified personnel and hand-written codes, there is no guarantee for estimated time of completion, potential errors or costs involved. Our tool is tested, proven and ready for implementation immediately.

Global trends: Digital Workplace

In order for companies to meet the demands of the modern digital workplace, as highlighted by Gartner Group, companies need to migrate legacy Document Management Systems (DMS) into Office 365 or SharePoint on premises.

We have experienced the

findings presented by

Gartner Group first-hand.

This is due to more clients,

from a wider geographical

perspective, seeking


Feasibility study: Conventional tools vs. Migration Flow

Throughout various of our migration projects, we have conducted a comparative analysis between the conventional approach (PowerShell etc.) and our tool Migration Flows.

About these projects:

These had varying volumes of documents, including both high volume (>100.000.000) and low volume (<10.000). Furthermore, they had differing complexities, in terms of number of provisioning sites and incompatibilities to the cloud model.

However, common for all, was that complex metadata was successfully transferred to fit the cloud model.

Specific tasks that were compared​:

     –   Assessing the scope and volume                       –   Provisioning new sites/Teams                                     –   Selecting external metadata and file                  i–   Loop structure to retrieve sets of documents                  destination information from SQL                       i–   Converting "plain text" into Managed metadata         –   Real-time reporting and dashboard for               –   High performance transfer (also working hours)            asynchronous Azure transfer tracking

Results obtained:

The diagrams below represent average perceptual differences, observed in the comparative analysis.



Dark button.png

Conventional approach

Time spent


Human resources 

Red button.png

Migration Flows

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