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Fast and reliable

About the product

Migration Flow for SharePoint is a powerful tool that drives the automated DMS migration to the modern Microsoft 365 digital workplace.

Perform complex multi-step migrations with unprecedented structural flexibility,  in multiple phases. In other words, it is

a solution for anyone to migrate or replicate  content from classic DMS into the modern Microsoft digital workplace.


Technical product description and Comparison with classic migration tools

The right solution for you?

For anyone in doubt whether our solution is right for you, please review the graph belowIt partly emphasises that if you in any extent need to use PowerShell to automate a classic migration tool, then Migration Flow for SharePoint will prove largely beneficial.

Inside-look at Migration Flow for SharePoint

In order to get a broad overview, the various phases of a migration flow is visualised below:

Not all migrations need all features. For this reason, we offer 3 editions of Migration Flow:

  • Standard

  • Enterprise

  • Enterprise+


The specific tasks that these editions perform are outlined below.

Migrations flows chart3.png

Standard edition

aDM Document Migration

Combine documents with metadata and automate transfer from/to multiple destinations​

aRS Reporting System

Follow all phases of the flow in real time, generate reports and get notified of progress.

aPM Site Provisioning & PowerShell Extension Management

Reduce complexity of the necessary PowerShell scripts

aDT Data Transformation

Rule based calculations and label-based resolving of Managed Metadata, Content-Type, Lookups, Users.

Enterprise editions includes

JS Job Server

Schedule migration flow jobs and get notified via Power Automate or email. The Job Server runs unattended as a native Windows Service

24/7 Sustained High Speed Transfer

Asynchronous multi-threaded upload to Azure storage during daytime production hours.

Support for incremental file transfer even when files are pending Azure job pick-up. Full error handling on asynchronous pending transfers.

Migration Flow
For SharePoint


MT Multitasking
Execute up to 10 sub tasks in parallel like invoking the PnP site provisioning framework or other PowerShell. Followed by async file transfer and metadata mapping. Ultimately giving the maximum performance and throughput instead of yesterdays serial Call-Wait-Call-Wait approach.

Product screenshots

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